Tips to Follow While Having Sex in the 3rd Trimester.

Yes, you read right, you can have sex during your 3rd trimester. Although having sex is completely safe for pregnant women, some do not prefer to do so. If you do plan on having sex during the third trimester of your pregnancy then here are a few tips you can take into consideration before getting busy:

  1. Relax! You may have heard that having sex this late into your pregnancy may induce labor but recent research shows otherwise and you so you can rest assured.
  2. You should definitely try out new positions. It may be hard to get into missionary position because of the belly and hence you can try getting on top or even get busy as you lay on your side.
  3. You can expect to feel a little crampier than usual after having sex, but it is completely normal. The contractions caused in the uterine are on account of sexual arousal and even orgasms and are expected to fade soon. If at all they do not fade away within a few hours or if the contractions increase then get your doctor on the line.
  4. If you aren’t in the mood for actual intercourse you can also try oral sex with the consent of your partner, of course.
  5. You should head to the bathroom soon after having sex to empty your bladder as a study shows doing so can help reduce the risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) which are common during pregnancy.

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