Nutrition for Expecting Mothers: Myths and Facts

Nutrition is very important when it comes to expecting mothers and you should do everything to stay healthy and provide for your feotus. There are a lot of myths and we’ve decided to clarify your doubts once and for all.

Myth: Soft Cheeses can cause Listeriosis

Soft cheeses like Brie, Feta and Gorgonzola which were once considered to be harmful for pregnant mothers are now allowed during pregnancy as long as it’s made up of pasteurized milk. So, make sure you check labels before consumption and you’re good to go.

Fact: Eggs can infect you with Salmonella

If you eat eggs that aren’t completely it can cause vomiting, fever and diarrheoa. You should avoid sunny-side up eggs and soft scrambled eggs. You should also avoid raw cookie dough and homemade eggnog. You can remove the risk of ingesting Salmonella by completely cooking the eggs.

Myth: All Juices are good for the Baby

Unpasteurized juices can have bacteria which can be very harmful for the mother and the baby. You should stay away from Cider sold in supermarkets because they’re usually unpasteurized. Though the majority of milk and juices sold in stores today are pasteurized, there are still some brands on shelves that aren’t, so read labels.

Fact: Sushi is bad for the Baby

Sushi is definitely bad for your baby because it is essentially uncooked and illness causing parasites may infect you. California rolls and other cooked items can be consumed but it is preferred to avoid sushi altogether.

Myth: Deli Meat should be completely avoided by Expecting Mothers

It was considered that you could not eat deli meat if you were an expecting mother because it would cause listeriosis. Listeriosis can cause a miscarriage, premature delivery or stillbirth. But studies show that deli meat can be consumed if you heat it prior to eating. You could also order directly for a hot or toasted deli sandwich.

Fact: High Level of Caffeine is bad for you

Studies show that consuming coffee excessively can be harmful for the foetus. Moderate consumption is perfectly healthy for the baby and the mother.

Myth: Diet Soda is bad for your Baby

Surprisingly diet soda has no effect on expecting mothers or her foetus. The only downside being that saccharin, an artificial sweetener can cross placenta and it usually has low nutritional value.

It is important that you always consult a doctor before you consume something you aren’t really sure about. You and your baby’s health should be your top priority. So, don’t give in to those pointless cravings that might harm you and your baby.

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