Safety Rules every child must follow

Parents and caregivers worry a lot about child safety either on the road or at school or play area or sometimes even at home when left alone. Safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful.
It’s the primary responsibility of all the parents and guardians to teach about a few basic safety rules to children. Teaching the essential safety rules that arise in different environments to the child is immensely needed, as parents may not accompany the child to all the places.
The best safety lies in fear”. Simple guidelines can keep your child safe, away from harm and dangerous activities.
Let me list out you few handy safety rules that parents need to teach the child when moving on a road, staying alone at home, playing at the park, being at school, etc. Check out the list of safety rules that every child must follow for their safety, as at the end of the day, life goals are simple: Safety and Security

Safety rules on Road
When children are left unsupervised on the road, generally meet accidents and get injuries. Adult supervision is a must when crossing a street or when riding a bicycle on traffic roads. But in some cases, the child is asked to move alone on the road. In such cases keep in mind these safety rules which has to be told to a child before roaming on roads as “it’s always better to be safe than sorry”.

  • Ask your child to look right and left before crossing the road, and even while crossing
  • Always check the traffic signal and lights while crossing the street and even while walking on the footpath
  • Make sure to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle or hoverboard
  • Be cautious while moving on roads, no side play, chitchat and playing on phones
  • Always walk at a slow pace, avoid running and jumping
  • Try to get out of the car only on the curbside
  • When you’re lost anywhere on the road, stay where you are, instead of on running here and there with fear.
  • Teach them to head towards the police team and share contact details.
  • Teach right home address and phone number to avoid confusion in case of missing

Safety rules at home
It’s not always possible to keep an eye on your child even at home. You may be sleeping or bathing or cooking. Sometimes you will be left with no choice than leaving your child back at home for an hour. In such cases teach your child few home safety rules to keep them safe, as “Precaution is better than cure”, take few beforehand.

  • Keep an emergency contact list at a handy place like near a coffee table or tv stand or fridge door or any other familiar place and let the child know that place beforehand
  • Keep stick notes on notice board or fridge door about the emergency requirements
  • Teach them to operate the security system if you have installed at home
  • Before opening the door check the security screen or door peephole to confirm who has come
  • Teach them not to open the door for strangers, tell to some after few hours.
  • Keep the medicine box, electronic items, and other glassware out of reach, before leaving home
  • Ask them not to touch stove, fire, cabinets and other harmful items
  • Teach them it’s not safe to climb and jump on furniture.

Safety rules while being with strangers
While playing at the park, or going on roads or visiting a friends house, children meet a lot of new people, especially strangers. They may not identify harm causing people, among a big group. So, keep these points in your child’s perspective to avoid trouble with strangers

  • No matter, how important is the emergency, never go with strangers. Even if they that your parents have sent them.
  • Make sure to send a well-known person like grandparent or uncle to pick up your child, to avoid trust issues.
  • It’s a great idea to have a secret safety word so that when a stranger approach, your child can confirm the safety word and avoid the person if it’s mismatching.
  • Don’t eat anything that is offered by strangers on roads or in shops.
  • Don’t share your personal information with any strangers.
  • Even don’t let strangers touch your body parts.

Safety rules at school
Even though school admin and teachers are always alert regarding child safety, it’s quite important to teach basic safety rules to every child. These simple rules make your child well obedient and are in a much safer place.
Know their complete contact details like parents name, mobile number, house address, and other guardian phone number

  • Never climb trees and fences at school
  • Don’t walk out of school without teacher permission and security guard help
  • Never play with harmful things like fire, swimming pool, etc. without adult supervision
  • Never go with a stranger who comes to school to pick you up. Enquire by detailing your doubt with your teacher and make a call to your parentsA famous proverb exists saying “Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”. So, try to inculcate yourself and make your child habituate to it. Every child must follow some basic safety rules to lead a comfortable life without any harm. Every tomorrow you get is your reward for working safely today.

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