Potty Training Tips For Toddlers

4 Potty Training Tips

Potty training has always been and will always be one of the hardest and eternal challenges you must overcome as a parent. It is so common that in any gathering of moms with babies or even little kids the topic of potty training will definitely be brought up. Some moms have almost no trouble training their little ones while others are searching for hope while almost believing it’s never going to happen to their little ones.

Here are a few potty-training tips which may help speed up the process:

  1.    Each child is different: Always keep in mind that every child is different and that if a certain trick worked with another child it doesn’t necessarily have to work with your kid. Keeping trying all the various tips and tricks you can find on the internet and the ones you hear from other moms.
  2.    Celebrate, don’t scold or cajole: It is essential that you do not try and coax your kids into getting on the potty neither is It right to scold then every time they hide behind a curtain to poop in their pants. Both these practices will lead to no progress, you are forgetting the most important thing which is to celebrate their success and reward them if they get it right because kids do not react well to harsh tones and constant attempts at coaxing.
  3.    Find their way: If for instance, you know your child is a visual learner then try using a chart demonstrating what is expected of him/her. Maybe your child works on incentives than one chocolate for number one and two for number two might just do the trick. Understand your child and craft a personalized approach.
  4.    Accept the setbacks as they come: Setbacks are a part and parcel of life, why should potty training your kids be any different? Even after they get it right a few times there may be potty accidents, there may be many accidents but you must remember to not take the scolding approach and instead.

Be patient and do not lose hope because eventually they are bound to learn it, you some of the tips we have given. Don’t stress too much over potty training, it’s just a phase which will pace and one fine day many years down the line you will look upon this phase of life, with the diaper explosions and all, with nostalgia.

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