15 Parenting Hacks for Parents with Little Kids

Parents often joke how their children do not come with manuals, it is true, but nonetheless parents have access to so much information at their fingertips. There are seemingly infinite blogs, videos and articles online, all of which are “expert opinions” and because of such an overwhelming amount of information parents are generally confused, especially when two “expert opinions” contradict each other.

Parents is not something you learn in a day or even in the nine months you have to prepare, it is an on-going process with both good and bad days. Children are smart since the very beginning and hence they keep you on your toes constantly learning and evolving as parents and as people too.

Sometimes parenting means walking through some smelly stuff, sometimes it means you not losing sleep when your little one is ill, sometimes it is your little ones driving you crazy with their tantrums and finally sometimes it is when you come home from work and your little one runs toward you to give you a hug.

Parenting isn’t easy and it never gets any easier. They grow, you grow along with them. Over the years we have learnt many thing and here are a few tips that just might make the challenge of parenting a tad bit easier.

15 Parenting hacks for parents with little kids:

  1. Listen to music or an audio book while having meals to help calm your child, because we know how feeding sessions can get messy.
  2. Have a predictable meal routine, for instance have “Taco Tuesdays” and “Pizza and movie Fridays”.
  3. Switch up your family meal routines in sense of where you eat. One day eat at the table, one day in the backyard as a picnic with a blanket and the basket and one day eat underneath the table just to make meal time a fun family activity.
  4. Make healthy trades with your kids, for instance they have excess candy left over from Halloween or even from when a relative comes to visit and bearing chocolates as a gift, what you can do is ask them to trade the chocolates in exchange for a toy they have been wanting since a while.
  5. You could save up a little and invest in a family membership at places like a planetarium, a zoo or even a museum.
  6. Using paper plates and bowls can make the cleaning process easier for you as a parent.
  7. Dancing to a nursery rhyme or any tune they like can be a cure for even the worst of moods.
  8. You can make play time for your kids more exciting by storing some toys differently and periodically rotating the toys.
  9. Set a time of twenty minutes or anything you deem a good time while your child naps and try and get as many chores done around the house within that time, so that you don’t spend the entire time your child is napping on chores and you are left with time to take care of yourself and relax every now and then.
  10. If your child is a picky eater and we know most of them are then always remember you can hide almost any food ingredient in a smoothie.
  11. Write letters to relatives, teachers or any loved ones as an activity to get your kid’s creative skills going and to also keep them busy when you have chores to do around the house.
  12. Ensure that you have stacked your home, car, purse and even your laptop bag with band-aids as it is a safe assumption that someone may always need one.
  13. To make life easier make sure you have an emergency kit in the trunk of your car stocked with dry clothes, diapers, basic first-aid kit and your child’s favourite snacks.
  14. Carry small toys or even a box of crayons and blank sheets of paper when headed to a restaurant to keep them busy until the food arrives because these are better options than giving them a mobile phone or a tab to play with.
  15. If you have two or more children always remember than mundane tasks which are otherwise hard to get children to do can become easier if made into a sibling challenge, like brushing teeth, getting dressed or even something like getting buckled in the car.

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