How to use Facebook Marketing to Promote and Grow your After-School Business

April 26, 2019 By Rahul Beri

Are you struggling to grow your after-school business? Have you tried Facebook, but it doesn’t seem to be helping?

For many business owners, Facebook is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The potential results appear incredible, but you just can’t find where the rainbow ends. What if I told you there is an end to the rainbow, and there are some simple steps you can take to find it?

Whether you are just starting out on Facebook or have tried and are frustrated by poor results, keep reading. I’ll share with you some simple Facebook marketing tips that can get you on your way finding that pot of gold otherwise known as new students in your after-school program. I’ll also show you some practical ways to use a daycare management app to make Facebook even more effective.

Getting Started on Facebook

If you are just getting started on Facebook, there are a few things you need to do to get your business properly set up on Facebook.

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page. Click here, log in to Facebook with your personal account, and add your business info. Complete as much information as possible, add your logo, and add some pictures/video from your after-school program.
  2. Create a Facebook Ad Account. You can find setup information here.
  3. Create a Facebook Pixel. A Facebook pixel is a piece of code which you can put on your website to help with tracking. You can find information about creating a pixel here. Facebook has also created a helpful video about their pixels which you can watch here.

Using Facebook to Reach Potential Customers and Grow Your After-School Business

There are three main ways you can use Facebook to reach parents and grow your business.

  1. Sharing Content
  2. Helping Existing Parent Customers Share on Facebook
  3. Facebook Ads

Sharing Content on Facebook

When reaching out to potential customers on Facebook, you need to remember that you are interrupting the real reason they are on Facebook. So, you need to get their attention. So, you have to give them something of value to earn their attention. Simply presenting your company information won’t work.

There are many ways to offer people value. Just think about what the parents may want or like and share it on your Facebook Page. Here are some examples of valuable content.

  • Tips for parenting. (E.G., How to make bedtime less stressful)
  • Funny or heartwarming pictures or videos
  • Contests or promotions with good prizes (E.G., $50 gift card for requesting a tour or a contest for the funniest parent moment)

Help Your Parents Share on Facebook

One of the most beneficial forms of Facebook promotion doesn’t even come from you. When the parents of your current students share positive content on Facebook about their child in after-school care, it increases their satisfaction and acts as a personal recommendation to their friends.

The key here is to make it as easy as possible for them to share. You can do this by sharing stories, pictures, and videos of their children with them so they can share those on Facebook. Here’s where a good app for daycare management can be extremely helpful.

Daycare management apps, like Pre~to~3, have the ability to quickly and easily share photos, videos, and messages with parents. It’s built right into the app. Your teachers can have the app installed on their phone. So, when a beautiful or funny child moment happens, they can take a picture or video and share it with their parents.

Facebook Ads

Just sharing content to your Facebook Page won’t reach all that many people. So, to reach more people, you need to use Facebook Ads. You will have to pay for this, but I’ll give you some tips to keep costs as low as possible.

First, you’ll need to create a campaign. There are two kinds of campaigns you can run:

  1. Brand Awareness Campaigns
  2. Conversion Campaigns

Brand awareness campaigns are intended to make sure people know you exist and put your business on their minds when they decide they want to use an after-school program for their kids. For these campaigns, you need to share what sets you apart from other after-school businesses. Distinguish yourself. Also, offer things of value (as discussed above), so they have a positive image of you.

Conversion campaigns are focused on getting people to request information, sign-up for a tour, or register their child. You’ll want to link to a landing page where they can perform this desired conversion. It’s also helpful in these ads to offer limited-time deals. This sweetens the offer and creates a sense of urgency.

Create Facebook Audiences

You don’t want to spend money advertising to 20-something singles. One way you can save on your costs is by creating audiences to target. This way, your ads are being shown to people who have a high likelihood of converting.

You can create five types of audiences:

  1. Customized Audiences – You select specific demographics
  2. Customer Lists – You upload lists of your current customers or prospects
  3. Website Traffic – A list automatically created when people visit your website and you have the Facebook Pixel installed
  4. FB Engagement – A list automatically created when people engage with your Facebook page or shared content
  5. Lookalikes – Facebook will generate a list of people that have similar interests as one of your other lists.

When creating your audiences, be sure to include location as a filter. You only need to reach people who live close enough for their child to attend your after-school program.

Test, Track and Measure, Adjust, Repeat

Lastly, don’t just set it and leave. Try different ads and posts. Use the Facebook Pixel and Advertising date to track the results of your marketing. Then make adjustments to your campaign and start the process over.

You Can Succeed!

Keep trying new things and don’t be afraid to stop something that isn’t working. You will eventually find what works and then you’ll have found that pot of gold.

Also, don’t get so focused on what you are doing on Facebook that you forget about what your parents are doing. They are an invaluable resource for your growth and most childcare businesses miss out on this. Using daycare management apps, like Pre~to~3’s communication and daily activities feature, can increase customer satisfaction and provide topics parents can talk about and content they can share. Click here to learn more.

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