10 Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness

The author of the book, ” The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book” and Doctor, Marjorie Greenfield estimates that 70% of women experience nausea early on into their pregnancy and about 50% experience vomiting. The doctors also state that experiencing this is very common but the way different women experience the same is different, some women are sick throughout the day while others are sick if they haven’t gotten enough sleep. Most women generally experience morning sickness as early as six weeks into their pregnancy and this continually gets worse until the 8th or 9th week.


We have collated these 10 tips to help you deal with the early morning pregnancy nausea. These tips are backed by doctors and moms who have tried and tested these to help them along their pregnancies.


The 10 tips are as follows:


  1.    Apply for Maternity leave: Imagine having to get up and go to work after a morning infested with nausea, you just can’t, right? Then don’t. Most countries have policies in place for maternity leave, read those policies and apply for the leave. Your bodies are being overworked in order to help your baby or babies grow and it is of the utmost essence that your body receives the rest it deserves in order to ensure that the growth process continues without any hindrances.
  2.    Aromatherapy: During pregnancy your perception of smell changes drastically, wherein any scents around you in your day-to-day routine may cause nausea, which you are trying so very hard to curb throughout the day, to resurface. From the unpleasant smell of a trash truck or even the scent of your friend’s perfume may cause this nausea. The high levels of the Oestrogen hormone, during pregnancy, is responsible for the s heightened sense of smell. We recommend that you carry a fresh scent along with you of your choosing to help with the different smell throughout the day. A bottle of lemon extract or the scent of fresh rosemary may do the trick generally if not, we recommend you find a fresh and pleasant aroma you like and carry it with you
  3.    Communicate: There aren’t enough books or videos online your partner can watch to understand what you are going through and what he can do to make you feel better and help the make easy he otherwise tedious process of pregnancy. You must communicate with your partner and try and help him understand what it is you are experiencing and what exactly he needs to do to help out. You can tell him the scent of the soap he uses makes you nauseous or even him giving you a kiss without brushing his teeth causes a disturbance in your gag reflex.
  4.    Time your nausea: We believe that the perceived randomness in the nausea you experience throughout the day isn’t as random as you would think. If you manage to keep a track around what various times through the day you experience nausea you may be able to find common factors responsible for that, for instance, every evening the smell of your neighbour making curry may be the trigger or even the scent of a fellow passenger on the same bus to work in the morning could be the reason behind your morning sickness. Track your nausea and try and find these factors and then take the appropriate measures to avoid them as and when you can.
  5.    High on Water: It may seem redundant but staying hydrated is as important a task as it is hard, because with the nausea it is a challenge to keep anything in your stomach for long. You will have to consciously ensure that you have water from time to time throughout the day as doctors believe that dehydration may lead to an increase in nausea. Some women use a simple trick to ensure they stay hydrated, they binge on dry snacks like potato chips in order to trigger thirst. Other women get their water intake by crunching on ice chips or by even sipping on piping hot beverages through the day.
  6.    Must munch: Even through nausea it is essential for you to ensure a regular intake of healthy food, for during pregnancy you are “eating-for-two” as the commonly say.  Through trial and error, you have to find foods that you like to eat and at the same time do not cause a gag reflex while also covering the prescribed intake of proteins and vitamins for the day unless you are taking supplements. Although here no hard-and-fast menu of what foods you may like but there are certain types of food women find easier to hold down like bland food which is high on carbohydrates like crackers, cereals and last but definitely not the least, pretzels. Cold watermelon popsicles are also common treats for you during pregnancy.
  7.    Binge be Bad:  Binge eating during pregnancy is a complete no-no. You will find yourself hungry but also nauseous throughout the day. The key is to find the right balance an eat small amounts of food just enough to curb your gag reflex and have these small meals many at various times across the day. We recommend that you carry a private stash of snacks you like with you at all time throughout the day. Also, a light snack before going to bed will help stabilize your blood sugar through the night and is also a good measure against morning sickness.
  8.    Ginger Galore: Since long back in the day ginger is known for its power to help sooth stomachs and to help quell nausea. You can try adding a small slice of ginger in your tea or even in a cup of hot water. If this doesn’t appeal to your stomachs then get creative with ginger and find way to have it. You can try munching on ginger candy, hot ginger infused soups or even gingerbread could do the trick.
  9.    Eyes on the prize: The proverbial prize would be to curb this constant feeling of nausea, right? Well when you must cover all your bases. A study shows that the strain on your eyes during pregnancy may also make you nauseated. The brightness of the screen should be adjusted so as to not strain your eyes, he unnoticeable strobe effect of the screen may also be the trigger, the font size of the text can be increased to prevent you coming to close to the screen an even straining your eyes, the background could also be changed to a soothing colour such as baby pink. Doctor’s orders: you must not view a screen for long hours and if you must, because work is work, then we recommend that you take breaks for short intervals either by doing something else or even by simply closing your eyes.
  10.    Nausea Survival kit: Regardless of how frequently it happens you will never get used to puking in public and hence we recommend that you carry a survival kit with you at all times to only ease the process. There are a few morning sickness must-haves in your survival kit, for instance, we suggest that you must carry a clean blouse/ top, a toothbrush along with toothpaste, a bottle of mouthwash is great to freshen up post-puke, some prefer breath mints. Most importantly for the can’t-hold-it-till-I-reach-the-bathroom moments also carry a barf bag. Lastly, ensure that you have dry snacks like pretzels or crackers for you to munch on when your tummy is upset.



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