Questions to Ask a Preschool Teacher

The first thing about parenting which one should always remember is that there aren’t enough books or blogs one can read to be prepared for everything, you have to learn and improvise along the way. “Always expect the unexpected” is a phrase that comes closest to helping you be prepared.

Parents have many questions and worries especially for the duration their child is at preschool, as that’s the only time the child is out of their sight. Hence, it is best to regularly speak to the teachers at the preschool to not only take feedback but to also share your opinions and concerns with them. For instance, if your child is throwing tantrums more than usual at home, confirm if the same happens at school. If the teacher says that she has not seen such a behavior at school then you know that it is something at home which is causing this behavior and hence you look for the root cause and work on correcting it.

Here is a list of questions you should ask your child’s preschool teacher:

  • Ask how your child is doing socially, i.e., is he/ she or engaging with peers appropriately for his age or not, if he/ she is sharing toys or not and who his/ her friends are.
  • Ask if your child is reacting to situations appropriately or not. If he/ she is happy when he makes a new friend and if he/ she cries when a peer takes his/ her toys.
  • Find out what his/her favorite activity is at preschool and if he/ she is participating in all the activities or not.
  • Ask how your child responds to classroom rules and procedures and if he/ she easily complies with them easily or only after sufficient reminders.
  • Ask what methods of disciplining children are used at the preschool and what seems to work for your child so you can follow the same at home.
  • Ask how is your child progressing with his cognitive skills like counting, colors and learning alphabets.
  • How is your child doing with self-help skills like washing his own hands after a meal?
  • Ask what the teacher thinks about your child’s area of interest, regarding any particular skill or a talent which he/ she could hone.
  • Ask them what areas they believe your child needs to work on.
  • Are there any concerns that the teacher deems necessary should be run by the child’s pediatrician.
  • If you have any particular issue like sibling rivalry or even potty training, take tips from the teachers.

We also believe that attending preschool events and taking part in any activities like the annual day is a good way to stay in touch with the teacher and thereby keep tabs on the progress your child is making in preschool. It is also essential to attend a preschool parent-teacher meeting with an open mind and positive attitude to create an optimal partnership with your child’s teacher and baking the occasional batch of cookies for the class goes a long way.

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