14 Tips on how to De-Stress Children While Traveling

14 Tips on how to De-Stress Children While Traveling

Most mothers dread the words, “I am bored” when muttered by their children because there are only so many ways you can keep your child occupied and once you run out of ways the tantrums and crying ensues.

This is still easier to deal with when at home as you have plenty of options to get your little ones engaged but while traveling it’s a completely different story. Traveling generally involves a whole lot of hustle-bustle which the children find it hard to cope with accompanies by the generally long commutes during family vacations is hard for the children. How can you keep your children calm and engage for the duration of the travel?

Here is a list of 14 tips which can help you to de-stress your children during travel:

  1.    Schedule Smartly: While chalking out a plan for your vacation be realistic and always remember to leave time throughout the day for naps and rest for your children. It is not only essential that they are rested so that they aren’t cranky and crying but also because sleep in the early stages is an essential part of growth.
  2.    Wear them out: Mae sure that you’re that you try and ensure that your children are moving and playing around as much as possible as you travel or even while on vacation as it tires them out and they will fall asleep early and a good night’s sleep is a great way to reduce stress for both the children and you as parents.
  3.    Familiar toys: Remember to carry along with your familiar toys and other things like a favourite blanket or even their special Sippy-cup.
  4.    The magic of Music: Music with a higher tempo can help the children dance and hence release the stored-up energy while on the other hand calming music helps put children to sleep.
  5.    Food: Stick to your regular diet for the children as any changes may result in changes in their sleep cycle for instance if they are high on sugar.
  6.    Warning: Try and communicate to your child beforehand as to how things are going to be different as you travel and even as you reach your destination, mentally prepare them in a way of sorts to be ready for the changes.
  7.    One-on-One: It is essential that you spend a minimum of 15 minutes daily with your children one-on-one as a parent.
  8.    Take it out: Children are still learning to speak and communicate, at times they are frustrated and do not know how to convey the same and hence at out. Try and understand your child and figure out what they are trying to say or communicate and you will be surprised how that quickly solves the problem at times.
  9.    Laughter therapy: Acting goofy and fooling around with your kids and finding humour in situations is a good way to get them laughing. If nothing then the good old tickle will do the trick. Laughing can be a great way to de-stress your children.
  10.    Massages: Give your children a back or feet rub while you talk to them or even while listening to calm and soothing music, this may help calm them and reduce any stress they might be having.
  11.    Take a Breather: Simple breathing exercises when done with your children can be a fun activity and can be calming and de-stressing for both, the children and the parents.
  12.    Activities: Blowing bubbles or even tossing a balloon around can keep them busy for a decent amount of time and will eventually tire them out. This can also be a fun way for the parent to play with their children while on vacation as a family activity.
  13.    Bedtime Ritual: Have your child tell you what they liked about their day and what all they learnt or say during their travel. Reading to them and cuddling are also calming activities to help them have a good night’s sleep.
  14.    Expressing Gratitude: Help your child understand and express his/her gratitude for all the things they have like family, home, friends, food, books & toys.

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